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Minnesota's disciples of Yeshua (Jesus) raising money for Israeli charities to bless Israel and the Jewish people.

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About us

We're followers of Yeshua (Jesus) who love Israel and the Jewish people. We started Bless Israel in order to help the Jewish people in tangible ways.

We exist to help Israeli victims of terrorism, to supply food and clothing to Israelis living below the poverty line, to be a light to the Jewish people by fostering cooperation and friendship between Jews and Christians.

We're a 501c3 non-profit which raises money for Israeli charities. Our fundraising is done through events, like an annual Bless Israel event right here in Minnesota, and through private donations. We raise funds for Israeli charities and for direct giving, with 100% of the proceeds directed to our beneficiaries.

Meet the Bless Israel co-founders

Jerry & Gloria Whittlef

With children Jeremiah & Esther

Judah & Kristin Himango

With children Connor & Kess

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Bless Israel
5920 W 136th St.
Savage MN 55378
P: (612) 385-6701